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DFC Operations Training Division

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Advisor Training:

Sh A K Chopra retired as Joint Director General of Civil Aviation in 2010. He has 40 years of experience in aviation work especially in accident investigation and accident prevention. He has investigated a large number of accidents of various types of aircrafts and helicopters. Sh A K Chopra has trained number of officers from Directorate General of Civil Aviation and industry on Safety Management System, Safety Audit, Accident Investigation and Prevention and on many more subjects.

Chief Ground Instructor:

Air Cmde (Retd.) I.S. Bindra, Vr.C is an experienced Instructor in Human Factor, Crew Resource Management, Monsoon Hazards Ground Training and Dangerous Goods Awareness Schedules. He has been instructing the Crews on these subjects since 1994.

Sr. Instructors

1. Wg. Cdr. (Retd.) Subash Bakshi - Simulator Instructor

2. Wg. Cdr. (Retd.) F. C. Jain - Ground Instructor



1. General Aviation Industry in India has been growing at a fast rate. Most of the organisations, however, have to send their personnel abroad for ground training required vide DGCA rules/regulations. This training is very costly in the training establishments abroad. Furthermore, the training provided at these Institutes is tailored primarily for the crew working in their respective environment/ culture. As such, this training at times is not suitable for our Indian/ Asian crew.

2. Delhi Flying Club Management has decided to arrange appropriate and effective training schedule for the personnel of Indian / Asian Aviation Organisations at its Operations Training Division located at Safdarjang Airport. This training would cater to the needs of crew of Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing Operators.


1. Approval of School of Aviation Science and Technology - DGCA letter no.: /SAST/F-App/317
2. Approval of CRM and Human Factors Training - DGCA letter no.: AV-22012/16/2013-FSD dated 21st November, 2013
3. Approval for Dangerous Goods Awareness Training - DGCA letter no.8/28/2012-IR dated 9th December, 2013.
4. Approval for Simulator/Instructor - - DGCA approval vide letter no.: DFC/F-App/707
5. Approved by DGCA to conduct Specific Ground Training for Helicopter Pilots vide letter no.AV.22012/16/2013-FSD dated 19th April, 2017

Courses Offered

1. CRM & Human Factors Training (For Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing Personnel)
A. Crew Resource Management for Flight Crew
B. Human Factors Training for Flight Crew
C. Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance Activity for AMEs and Technicians

2. Dangerous Goods Awareness training for Personnel of “NO CARRY” Aviation Organizations.

3. Adverse Weather / Monsoon Hazards Ground Training for Pilots

4. Special VFR

5. Ground Training Hill Operations

6. Specific Ground Training for Helicopter Pilots

7. Five days Safety Training comprising of two days Safety Management System; One day each of Incident Investigation, Concept of Accident Prevention and Safety Audit

8. Human Factors training for Engineering staff

9. General Ground Training for Pilots
A. Tutorial Classes for PPL, CPL and ATPL
B. Conversion of Foreign Licenses
C. Tutorial for Airline Entrance Examination / Interviews
D. RTR (Radio Telephony) Classes
E. DGCA Approved Simulator Training for Pilots

Contact Us:
Air Cmde. (Retd.) I.S. Bindra Vr. C
Chief Instructor
Tel. No.24618931 & 24618325 Mob: 9711213640
Fax 24635080
email - dfc.trainingdivision@gmail.com

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course

Welcome to the SCHOOL OF AVIATION SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (SAST), Delhi Flying Club. We provide affordable and rewarding qualification in the field of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) which is approved by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India. We are proud to be located at Safdarjung Airport, New Delhi. We Provide quality education and training that responds to the needs and challenges of an ever-demanding aviation industry by promoting knowledge, skills, ethics, creativity and critical thinking necessary for professional competence. The SAST has contributed in setting high standards of aviation training in India. Top level AMEs working in Airlines including Jet Airways and foreign Airlines are alumni of SAST. Read more..